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work in progress - feel free to comment if you feel the information is incorrect!

This site includes articles from many sources - some that are well-known while others not so much. Generally I try to not post a story unless I find it in a couple places OR the source is more or less reliable.  Opinion and editorial articles are obvious exceptions.  Also note that "reliable source" doesn't always mean "accurate story".  A recent infamous case involved the Washington Post posting "fake news" about "fake news" (ex: THE PROPAGANDA ABOUT RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA newyorker)

Some other thoughts on sources:

  • 1) It should be important to note that sometimes the source isn't the organization that posted the story, but another such as Reuters or Associated Press...or even a reprint of another site's story.  When checking whether or not a story is true, watch for that because "multiple sources" for a story can quickly turn into a single story repeated many times.  You can often tell that is the case when all the headlines are the same, but sometimes a site will mix things up a bit.

  • 2) A source that represents itself as "neutral" may, in fact, be actually owned by more liberal source.  That doesn't always mean BAD, but let's not kid ourselves that there's no influence :)

  • 3) With everything online, sources are always rushing to be the first.  Sometimes sitting on an "out there" article for a day or two to see how it actually pans out before passing around is a good idea.

  • 4) There is honest to goodness propaganda out there, and it's not just Russia, Liberals, and the previous administration doing it ;)  We live in a fallen world, which means use a grain of salt...with everything.

  • 5) Finally, you (nor I) can actually confirm most stories ourselves (what - we're going to sail to the Strait to confirm that Iran actually fired on a US Carrier?) so in the end, there's always risk.  Do the best you can, then stop worrying about it...and don't stake your life on a story because something they just end up not being true :)

Below is but a small list of sites that have been referenced on this site.  I intend to update it occasionally to keep adding to the list.

This represents my informal research, and the Notes section is my opinion/feeling based only on my experience with the source and/or with what they, themselves, write about themselves.

3D Printing Industry PrintingSelf
Atlantic, The Media Co.
BBC with International ReachSelfThe BBC company spans much more than news, and includes other media (TV, etc). Should be considered a liberal company from an American perspective, but as the UK tends to be more liberal overall than America, perhaps just-left-of-their-center is a better description.
Bloomberg and Financial NewsBloomberg L.P.
CNBC UniversalSame parent company that owns MS NBC and known for a sub-par, liberal leaning journalism. How much of that bleeds into CNBC, but should be a concern.
CNN Warner Inc.Though I think few would be surprised to find CNN is left leaning, it's worth noting that their parent company (Turner) and their TV shows and networks at times make CNN look downright conservative.
Digital Trendshttp://www.digitaltrends.comTech NewsDesigntechnica Corp.
Fox13Now News with Local FocusTRIBUNE MEDIA
Guardian, The with International ReachScott Trust LimitedHas expanded to include US and Australia online editions, but primarily UK-centric. As with the BBC, liberal leaning in-line with the UK culture though they tend to be middle road.
Houston Press Media GroupThough rarely used by me (meaning I have little experience with them), they are a liberal leaning publication (seen in the articles and topics, but also exemplified in their 'pride' at being a GLAAD award winner). The owning group also handles such liberal news sources such as LA Weekly and Westwood for insight into the theology behind the Houston Press.
Inc VenturesBusinesses
Independent with International ReachIndependent Print Limited
India Times Lifestyle NetworkYoung, Hip, Techy, Liberal, India-Centric
International Business Times (IBT) Media
Jeusalem Post, The NewsThe Jerusalem Post LTD
Madison, WISelf
MIT Technology Review Institute of TechnologyFocus on tech
Mobi Picker on tech and gaming news
National Interest, The Policy with US InterestCenter for the National InterestOriginally founded by Richard Nixon and renamed from the Nixon Center
New Historian &c Ltd. (Forgotten Books)Archaeology. Interesting to note that this source is founded and owned by a book publishing company (Forgotten Books - see
Newsweek Media
Popular Science NewsBonnier Corp.
Quartz Media Co.While providing useful, quirky articles, I have found them to lean a little to the left for normal articles. Also I notice they credit certain corporations for their beginnings (ex: Chevron, Boeing, Credit Suisse, Cadillac, and GE) which is curious for a "news" source. You can read more on their site: Related, may also be interested int heir page on Ethics/Advertising:
Republic, The, INSelf
Science Alert NewsSelf
Seatle Times
Singularity Hub Education GroupTech, particularly future tech. Worldview is humanity can save itself through technology. The owning group is a kinda "university" that, as their site says, does not provide accredited courses or degrees. The news of Singularity Hub is published by this "university".
Telegraph, The Media Group (sub of Press Holdings)Owned by the Barclay brothers
Time News (note, there are also international versions)Time IncThe ridiculously convoluted ownership history behind Time magazine quartz
Trend in Tech Media LLC
UPI and World NewsNews World Communications Inc.Founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, News World Communications is owned by the Unification Church
Verge, The Gen TechVox Media
Washington Posthttps://washingtonpost.comWashington with International ReachJeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon)
Washington Times with International ReachNews World Communications Inc.Founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, News World Communications is owned by the Unification Church
Wired TechCondé Nast

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