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Features a (near) daily list of hand-curated articles from the four corners of our world. Each day is different, but topics range from world events to current research to AI to religious and societal topics - all grounded in a Biblical worldview.


These are articles which piqued my interest, and which I feel demonstrate the truths laid out in Scripture (man as sinner [Romans 3:23], man's desire to "be like God" [Gen 3:5], side-effects of man's fall [Gen 3:13-19, Romans 8:19-20], God's glorious design [Psalm 19:1-6] and wisdom [Romans 11:33], the winding down of the old heavens and earth [Rev 21:1], the labor pains [1 Thess 5:3] of war [Mark 13:8] and pestilence [Luke 21:11], etc).

In short: this blog - and it's author - takes the Bible seriously. As in it being the inerrant, infallible, authoritative word of the only and true living God. It's with those "glasses", or worldview, firmly in place that I filter through articles. Sometimes the articles I find are serious and other times almost whimsical, but all are done with an eye towards the past, present, and future as revealed by God.

Because we live in a fallen world - one sadly where many remain enemies of God - it won't be uncommon to find articles on this site that discuss things that I do not agree with. In part, that's the point. How can we take an honest look of what's going on around us if we refuse to look around us? :) For example, while I hold firmly to a literal 6-day reading of Scripture when it comes to origins, it's all but impossible to find an article about science or nature that doesn't insert discussions based on an evolutionary worldview. Rather than comment each time this comes up, I leave it up to you, the reader, to use discernment.

In fact, regarding commentary, there is intentionally little from me with the actual articles. I will include other pages (like this one) with more in-depth thought, but for the most part my comments are merely for clarification. For example, I might let you know if there's a video in the article (which basically means, forget the article - the video is where it's at!). Or I might put a quick comment for a hint as to what I was thinking when I considered the article worthy of being included in that day's list.

End Time Thoughts

Because of our desire to look into how prophesy is to be fulfilled, coupled with historically recent events that most of the Christian church never saw (Israel back in their land, a growing longing for a centralized government and banking system, etc), it's only natural to look at each news story with an intent to see how it's pointing to the end.

On that subject, my goal is not to try to predict how an article might be a factor in the end times, or to expound upon why man's sad and crumbling worldview is being demonstrated, but to remind that there are truly lost souls out there and a clock that is counting down. Also these articles are to reinforce the truth that if the Bible is true (and it is) then the world should look and feel like the Bible describes it (both in the now and as it moves toward the end).

I have some specific views about the last days that would be considered inline with conservative evangelical creeds. As time goes on I may speak on them more, but suffice it to say that I take the Bible literally and expect some real events to really occur: growing number of animal and human deaths, earthquakes, diseases, war, a unifying world under a single government leader and single religious leader, a relying on (perhaps even merging with) technology, etc. Because the end days described in the Bible are real days, with real people, we should not be surprised that what is today's news might very well exist (perhaps in updated versions and styles) in those final hours. And if not, it's likely to be a precursor and influential in the way people think and understand reality. This means besides things known as Biblical end-times-fare like wars and Israel, you will find articles on AI and robotics and even ones on trans-humanism.

Why "Current Old"?

Besides a lack of creativity (when faced with the need to name the blog, the mind flatlined), why did I choose the apparently contradictory title?

A couple reasons, really...

First, I plan to update this blog no more than once-a-day during the week, most (but not all Saturdays), and have no plans for doing at all on Sundays. That means news will range from being current (within a couple hours) to old (up to maybe 3 days delay). Because I'm looking with an eye towards off beat articles that are not on the front page, hopefully the majority of it, even if a couple days old, is new to you :)

Second, and I touched on this above, the Bible tells us that all men are sinners and that we have a propensity toward doing evil. This means the topics may be current (Genetic editing, Artificial Intelligence, etc), but that the heart behind the news goes all the way back to the moment after Adam rebelled against God and ate the fruit, and is very, very old.

What Does it All Mean?

If the news reveals man's wicked heart and if it all ends, as the Bible declares, with a judgement that leads to hell for the wicked, then what is the meaning of it all and how can any avoid the wrath of God?

That's a very big question - with only one answer. Christ. If you don't know how He died to take the wrath - the judgment - for those who repent of their sin and believe in Him, might I suggest taking time to read about the Gospel, here?

Thanks for stopping by!
- Jeremy