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The following symbols are found throughout the postings and provide additional information at a glance:

pdf, doc, ... - The link is to a file

v - Contains videos (ex: news article that includes video), or is a video (ex: YouTube)

a - Contains audio file(s)

t - These articles might be a little on the technical side, and generally contain some technical jargon or explanations.

p - Links to a page (perhaps an article) that is either mostly pictures or about pictures

w! - While all articles relate a worldview, this warns that the writer of the article has injected their own, anti-Biblical worldview into the article. Ex: while an author may relate about something that is anti-Biblical (while maintaining a certain reporting neutrality), this tag is reserved for cases where the author, him or herself, agreed with or promoted something in the article contrary to the truth of Scripture. The difference might be slight (ex: "So-and-so said that such-and-such took 100 million years to happen..." vs. "As we all know, the first 100 million years after the big bang have been a bit of a puzzle, but so-and-so is now reporting...") or it might be in how the protagonist is bracketed (ex: "The leader of the pro-life protest..." vs. "The leader of the anti-choice protest..."). Besides a warning, it's an indicator that I disagree with the author and certainly am not promoting what they are saying, but the information itself is worth knowing as one interested in society and current worldviews.